Meet Our Creator


My name is Thu Nguyen Merer- designer and founder of E-Moi.

I had been working years in communication and marketing industry in Vietnam before coming to Paris in 2006 for my MBA program at ENPC Business school.

I love Paris for its beauty and its culture diversity. Everything inspired me a lot. Growing in Vietnam just after the war, I had lived over 15 years of my childhood in a “self-supply” life. We had very little means for living and we had to do mostly everything by ourselves: my mom made clothes for us from left-over fabric that she made for her clients, my dad recycled old bicycle tires to make our shoes, we did embroideries, tricot, knit products in our free time after school to sell to an export company in town… All these experiences allow me to learn many manual skills and reinforce my love for the handmade products.

It is during my time study in Paris that I felt this passion is growing irrésistibly.
I realized that so many handmade techniques that I have learned during my childhood are mostly disappeared in developed countries. So many wasted in modern life consumption, handmade things in rich countries become something very expensive meanwhile in another side of the earth, so many poor people who master many handmade skills but have so little means for living. While developed countries raise more and more concern about environment, the poor countries live over tons of wastes.

– My dream of creating “BEAUTY FROM WASTE” come true in 2009 after a trip to the Philippines to help victims of Ondoy typhoon. The catastrophic scene of flood everywhere and the extreme poverty touched until bottom of my heart… I want to help more than just a few days trip.

And the answer came the day after when I saw a woman sold a recycled weaving basket on a local market. It is made from fruits juice packagings, local people called “zesto”.… so colorful and solid it was!. More than happy I had learnt that it made by a woman cooperative in Tondo, a shanty town in Manila where most of family live in poverty with less than 2 USD per day.

Basket was not what I wanted to sell. I wanted to create my own collection of recycled accessories that look elegant and unique. I wanted to help these women become more independent financially, to have a better income for their family and thus to be able give a better future for their children.

So it has been 6 years since i have started my adventure and my human mission. This adventure has never bored me until now. It inspired me always to go farther, to be able to help more people and offer to my clients more choices on the designs and materials.

From only one collection of the fruit juice packaging recycled bags, with one cooperative partner in the Philippines in 2010.. We are now in collaboration with different cooperatives/associations in Asia (Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand)… E-Moi has created so far 5 collections with over 200 designs at your choices, including:

  • Recycled paper bags made with faux or real leather.
  • Recycled fruits juice packaging bags
  • Recycled jeans bags
  • Recycled jewelries from paper, food& drink packagings, left-over leathers, soda can pop tab…
  • Recycled hair accessories from food & drink packaging’s

I am happy to offer beautiful accessories for my clients all over the world and I am proud to be able to help all people who make E-MOI products a better life.
On behalf of all of them, I express my sincere thanks for your support.

Should you have any concern or question about our products, please do not hesitate to contact me at contact us.

Best regards,

Thu Nguyen Merer