Wonderful brand of recycled bags

E-MOI is a wonderful brand of recycled bags and jewelries from the Philippines. Since their beautiful collections arrived in my boutique at Dijon, it seduced all my old and new clients, for its beauty and the quality of their works on different recycled materials. E-MOI , for me, is the ideal partnership that match my value and my ethic expectation. Behind each design, we can imagine the smile of women who made these accessories meticulously and the inspiration of their creative works.

Mme. Françoise SAUVAIGO
24 rue des GODRANS DIJON 21000

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Absolutely Unique & Special

Our customers are very happy with E-MOI accessories. They are absolutely unique and special. They find that the manual work quality is very good and they are very impressed that E-MOi products can make from “doy packs” packaging which they think it is difficult to treat and recycled them.

Mrs. Ulla Helwig
Boutique Handwerkskunst Staufen
Hauptstraße 34
D- 79219 Staufen

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I am a fan

How to be beautiful in preserving our planet? With E-MOI accessories, you wear beautiful and unique accesories, fair-trade and fully respect the environment. The products are very solid, good quality and very well finished. The colors offered by the packaging is magnific. The recycled jewelries are every original and by purchasing them you helps women from Philippines for a better life and you contribute to reduce the wastes … That really means a lot. I’m a fan.
Congratulations E-MOI !!!!!!
Sophie et Guillaume

Sophie et Guillaume
58 Rue Jean Baptise Mullier MARTINSART, 59113

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