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All E-MOI accessories are made from upcycled and recycled materials such as papers, fruit juice packagings, plastic bottles, soda can tabs, left-over leather… Our designs are exclusive; each piece is beautiful and unique on its own combination of colors and materials.

Elegant and 100% handmade, these accessories come from our collaboration with different partners (cooperatives/ artisans) in shanty towns in Asia (Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam…). Our mission is to raise awareness of the environment condition of the local community, to educate local people to reduce waste, to recycle and transform these waste materials into beautiful accessory products. By collaborating with several cooperatives/ associations  in different zones, we are able to optimize using tradition know-how, giving their employees-especially women,  regular jobs,  better income and so a brighter future for their family.

Fair Trade products guarantee! Absolutely no child labor! We are committed to paying decent wages, providing regular training, and creating a good working environment to our workers.

Thank you for your support!